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Wear a Mask: The New Normal

The answer really has been in front of our faces all along (no pun intended). I’ve long appreciated the wisdom of foreigners at airports walking around with their masks. It’s r
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD April 2, 2020

Self Empowering Weight Loss Strategies

Introduction When you’ve tried, what have been your weight loss strategies? Excuse me for being Straight, No Chaser, but here it goes! Unless you have one of a few medical co
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 2, 2020

Self-Help Through Activity and Exercise

Introduction Today’s topic is self-help through activity and exercise! Let’s start with your take home points: Lesson one is on activity and exercise. Remember, these a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 24, 2020

Healthy Eating is Healthy Living

Introduction Healthy eating is about as fundamental a proposition as you get on your journey to taking control of your own health. This Straight, No Chaser offers you tips that rep
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 17, 2020

Ten Questions to Ask Your Physician

Introduction Today’s message is simple: Ask Your Physician! Straight, No Chaser continues this empowerment series with this simple direction. Think about it. When exactly was
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 10, 2020

Your Health Screening Guide

Introduction Health screening is a critical part of your self care. This is the third in the Straight, No Chaser series on self-empowerment. Therefore, today’s message should
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 20, 2020

How to Find Health Insurance

Introduction Do you have health insurance? Even if you do, do you still feel like you pay a lot for your medical expenses? Here’s the point: do you know what the #1 cost of perso
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 13, 2020

It’s Handwashing Awareness Week – You’re Doing It Wrong!

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser is for National Handwashing Awareness Week and its related activities. Yes, we need to have this conversation. I see you all day everyday. Th
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 2, 2019

25 Tips That WILL Increase Your Life Expectancy

Introduction Want to increase your life expectancy and live better longer? You may want to keep this post. I haven’t exactly found the Fountain of Youth, but I do know what activ
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 25, 2019

Summer Conditions You Should Be Able to Address

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser post discusses a variety of conditions likely to be present in the summer. A previous post was a guide to avoiding summertime sports injuries.
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 15, 2019

Men’s Health Awareness Month

Introduction We like to use Fathers’ Day to launch Men’s Health Awareness. Join us, and continue the love and support you offered the men in your life! Take a moment to think t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 17, 2019

It’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Introduction For colorectal cancer awareness month, we go behind the frequent calls for you to get screened. Let’s review the data and remind you why the disease itself is so
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 18, 2019

A Dream of Equal Access to Health Care

Introduction On the day of observation of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., we discuss applying his dream to equal access of health care. On this national day of cele
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 21, 2019

Simple Weight Loss Strategies

Introduction Today’s post, Simple Weight Loss Strategies, brings a guest contributor! Straight, No Chaser welcomes Sandra Gultry, a Registered Dietitian, and o
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 17, 2019

Straight No Chaser’s Guide to Completing New Year’s Resolutions

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser post is a guide to help you completing your New Year’s resolutions! You call them New Year’s resolutions. We call it getting your heal
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 7, 2019

Introducing the New 2019 Straight No Chaser: Happy New Year!

Introduction Welcome to the new 2019 Straight, No Chaser: our seventh year! We hope you’ve enjoyed our over two thousand blogs and vlogs, and thank you to the millions of yo
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 1, 2019

Improving Health In The Black Family

Introduction This post addresses challenges and solutions to health in the Black Family. The African-American family is besieged with several challenges. I would suggest the most f
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 24, 2018

Your Hygiene and Risk for Illness

Introduction The Straight, No Chaser post looks at the relationship between your hygiene and illness. There are things you know, there are things you know but don’t really kn
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 23, 2018

Colorectal Cancer Screening via Colonoscopy

Introduction This post is about the screening colonoscopy. Two previous Straight, No Chaser posts have highlighted recommended screening examinations for men and women between ages
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 24, 2019

Lactose Intolerance – It’s Explosive!

Introduction So I’m at dinner with a group of friends, and somehow the topic gets to lactose intolerance. For 15 minutes. They were really into it. At dinner! You know what it is
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 22, 2018
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