Wear a Mask: The New Normal

The answer really has been in front of our faces all along (no pun intended). I’ve long appreciated the wisdom of foreigners at airports walking around with their masks. It’s really a pretty simple proposition: no garbage out, then no garbage in. I’ve been saying for a while now that I wear a mask to protect you from me. It’s easy to combine that with the notion that everyone should act as if they’re infected and not trying to give it to anyone else. A great way to lower the chances of spreading COVID-19 is to put a mask on potentially infected people. In this case, that means everyone.

The name of the game here is risk reduction. As I mentioned in yesterday’s Straight, No Chaser blog, you should consider one of your essential to-dos wearing a mask or any available covering on your face upon leaving your house (yes, I’m assuming you’re not entertaining inside of your homes). Anything provides some measure of protection, even if it’s not an N95 mask.

This simple maneuver covers your sneezes and coughs. It eliminates your needless debate on whether COVID-19 is airborne. Wearing a mask avoids your potentially transporting COVID-19 around on your sleeve or elbow. It is what Sweden credits with bending the curve in their country.

Of course, this is where I remind you that all that’s really necessary to accomplish this in the US is further (how about full) enactment of the Defense Production Act. We need enough masks as not to not take away from medical personnel. We need those masks made in America to further assist with the economy.

Message to everyone involved: wear a mask! Just do it. Masks aren’t just for Halloween anymore.

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