Self-Help Through Activity and Exercise


Today’s topic is self-help through activity and exercise! Let’s start with your take home points:

  • Lesson one is on activity and exercise. Remember, these are two different considerations!
  • Lesson two is that every level of activity provides benefit to your heart.

In today’s post, we explore different options for you to produce heart benefits. Therefore, choose your strategy based on your objectives.

Activity and Exercise: What You Need to Know

Here are a series of Straight, No Chaser posts meant to give you the information you need. Of course, we suggest you learn it all!

The Benefits of Activity and Exercise: Let’s start with an understanding of what you’re trying to do. Also learn how and why it matters.

Invisible Health: This post discusses how healthy habits and activities produce ongoing health benefits. That’s right; you can get some things done without having to pack up and go to the gym!

Fat Burn vs Cardio: How Do I Best Exercise? There are levels to exercise. Accordingly, there are different benefits found in different types of exercise. We discuss those in this post.

Straight, No Chaser Exercise Vlog: Let’s chat for 2 minutes. View Dr. Sterling discussing exercise as a wrap up to the lesson!

Whatever you do, do something! Your activity today prepares your heart and other organs to protect you tomorrow. Toxins and disease aren’t inclined to go away by themselves. Get up!

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