Self Empowering Weight Loss Strategies


When you’ve tried, what have been your weight loss strategies? Excuse me for being Straight, No Chaser, but here it goes! Unless you have one of a few medical conditions or take medications that promote weight gain, weight loss strategies are simple and mostly variations of the same theme. Also, no, the best answers aren’t found in a pill.

If you actually want to loss weight – and regardless of the method – you must demystify the process. Your weight is simply a function of calories in or out. You spend your days consuming and burning them. Whether you lose or gain is dependent on the relative ratio of those two considerations. Simply put, weight loss (or gain) is nothing more than a math equation. If you take in more than you expend, you’ll gain. If you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight.

Nothing anyone ever tells you will be more simple or true than those facts. Diets and exercise routines are just means to an end. They’re all variations of a theme: close your mouth and get off your rear!

This next post in the Straight, No Chaser empowerment series gives you some basics. If you focus on these in the midst of everything you do, you will be pleased with the outcome. Meanwhile, those of you with medicines or medical conditions causing weight gain, have a conversation with your physician – early and often.

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Here are some posts to help empower you. They’re simple, effective and to the point.

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