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Men’s Health Awareness Month

Introduction We like to use Fathers’ Day to launch Men’s Health Awareness. Join us, and continue the love and support you offered the men in your life! Take a moment to think t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 17, 2019

April is STD Awareness Month

Introduction Yes, April is STD Awareness Month, but you need knowledge that will keep you protected year round. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD April 29, 2019

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Introduction Ladies, have you ever been told that you get urinary tract infections (aka UTIs or “bladder infections”) because you didn’t wipe front to back instead of back to
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 25, 2018

Sexually Transmitted Infections Vlog

Introduction This is a Straight, No Chaser Sexually Transmitted Infections vlog. The Straight, No Chaser vlog series presents “health care basics” to keep you safe, healthy an
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 15, 2018

World AIDS Day

Introduction Today is World AIDS day. This isn’t 1983. The mystery of how HIV infection is contracted has come and gone. Be knowledgable to be empowered. This is the first blog i
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 1, 2018

An Introduction to Intersex (aka Hermaphroditism)

Introduction Today we address the challenges faced by intersex individuals. In the past, the term hermaphrodite was more common, but for many reasons that is no longer the case. In
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 29, 2018

HIV and STD Risks From Sexual Activities Other Than Intercourse

Introduction – HIV and STD risks This blog focuses on your HIV and STD risks from sexual activities other than intercourse. It is the sixth blog in an ongoing series on HIV
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 17, 2018

How Do You Contract HIV and AIDS?

Introduction Fortunately, this isn’t 1983, but HIV and AIDS are still far too common. Thankfully, we now know how HIV infection is contracted. Yet, HIV and AIDS awareness are
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 14, 2018

The Other Side of 40 – The Genital System: Changes, Challenges, Solutions

Introduction The third part of this series is about genital system changes after age 40. There’s a lot here both for the ladies and the gentlemen, but everyone should want to kno
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 18, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Questions About the Prostate

This is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, and as such, this Straight, No Chaser explores the prostate (no pun intended). Prostate cancer and screening will be addressed in an addi
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 5, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Five Frequently Asked Questions on Lupus

  What is lupus? What causes it? In general terms, lupus is a disease in which your immune system malfunctions and attacks your healthy tissue. This is known as an autoimmune dis
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD August 30, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: The Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Well, here’s what many of you’ve been awaiting.  Assuming the preventative efforts I mentioned didn’t work for you, there are several different treatment approac
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 24, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Erectile Dysfunction, Part Two – Causes

In my last post on erectile dysfunction (ED), I gave a simplistic way to understand and address it.  However, the truth of the matter is the overwhelming majority of cases of ED a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 23, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Erectile Dysfunction, Part One

It seems appropriate to follow-up a post on age-related changes in your genitourinary system with a discussion on erectile dysfunction (ED).  The nature of the topic is such that
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 22, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Straight Talk About Vasectomies

A couple’s conversation about having a vasectomy can either be a tense one or it can be a display of trust and cohesion. The decision by a man to have a vasectomy can be a so
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 21, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels Without Replacement Therapy

Male virility is a fascinating topic medically. It is truly an example of how confidence and mental fortitude (or the absence thereof) can directly translate into physical performa
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 20, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Male Menopause (aka Andropause)

Manopause?  Male Menopause? Yes, andropause is a thing (at least according to many medical authorities). Most of us are roughly familiar with menopause. You may or may not be su
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 19, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Low Testosterone

Are you someone who had never heard of Low-T until recent commercials starting telling you that you weren’t normal? Let’s review what all the fuss is about. As most people know
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 18, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Men’s Health Week, Fathers Day and Health

Fathers’ Day falls right at the tail end of Men’s Health Week, but we don’t like that – and we’ll begin our own Men’s Health Week by starting with Fathe
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 17, 2018

Straight, No Chaser: Living With An Incurable Sexually Transmitted Infection

You’ve requested it, and it’s only fair. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs, STIs). It’s reasonable to discuss living w
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD May 25, 2018
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