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Coronavirus Myths, Part I

Introduction Yes, Coronavirus myths are a thing. Coronavirus is not an all-powerful entity that spells the end of mankind. We just have to be diligent in attacking this pandemic. T
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 19, 2020

Combating Coronavirus: In Support of a Mobilized National Response

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser discusses combating Coronavirus in the midst of the current pandemic. Here’s the question of the day: What’s the best public health re
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 16, 2020

Avoiding Accidents

Introduction Do you ever think about avoiding accidents? We don’t like to believe it, but so many of our ills are self-inflicted. Part of being self-empowered as relates to h
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 9, 2020

Self-Help Through Activity and Exercise

Introduction Today’s topic is self-help through activity and exercise! Let’s start with your take home points: Lesson one is on activity and exercise. Remember, these a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 24, 2020

Healthy Eating is Healthy Living

Introduction Healthy eating is about as fundamental a proposition as you get on your journey to taking control of your own health. This Straight, No Chaser offers you tips that rep
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 17, 2020

Ten Questions to Ask Your Physician

Introduction Today’s message is simple: Ask Your Physician! Straight, No Chaser continues this empowerment series with this simple direction. Think about it. When exactly was
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 10, 2020

Cost Effective Self Care

Introduction Cost effective self care is probably something you’ve never verbalized. However, it’s more likely something that’s constantly on your mind, whether c
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 27, 2020

Your Health Screening Guide

Introduction Health screening is a critical part of your self care. This is the third in the Straight, No Chaser series on self-empowerment. Therefore, today’s message should
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 20, 2020

How to Find Health Insurance

Introduction Do you have health insurance? Even if you do, do you still feel like you pay a lot for your medical expenses? Here’s the point: do you know what the #1 cost of perso
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 13, 2020

Avoiding the Most Frequent Causes of Death

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser is all about avoiding the most frequent causes of death because… life! It is interesting and curious to hear everyone obsess over how es
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 9, 2019

It’s Handwashing Awareness Week – You’re Doing It Wrong!

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser is for National Handwashing Awareness Week and its related activities. Yes, we need to have this conversation. I see you all day everyday. Th
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 2, 2019

25 Tips That WILL Increase Your Life Expectancy

Introduction Want to increase your life expectancy and live better longer? You may want to keep this post. I haven’t exactly found the Fountain of Youth, but I do know what activ
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 25, 2019

National Diabetes Month – Diabetes Awareness

Introduction November is National Diabetes Month. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has chosen to focus on the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD November 11, 2019

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Introduction October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, although it doesn’t take a break during other months. Are you concerned about domestic violence? Probably, you shou
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 14, 2019

Join Our 30-Day Plank Challenge!

Introduction This post introduces the Straight, No Chaser 30-Day Plank Challenge. The Straight, No Chaser challenges are always designed to find the simplest way to directly affect
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 30, 2019

Prostate Cancer Awareness for 2019

Introduction This post is for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. We offer answers to a few questions and additional resources. The first is this video from the Center for Disease Con
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 16, 2019

September is Healthy Aging Month!

Introduction This post is about healthy aging! 10 Tips for Healthy Aging Here are some ideas, modified for this audience, originally put together by the editors of Healthy Aging®
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 2, 2019

Overview of the American Drug Overdose Epidemic

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser guide loses at the drug overdose epidemic in the United States. Drug overdose deaths continue to increase in the United States. Deaths from dr
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD August 19, 2019

Summer Conditions You Should Be Able to Address

Introduction This Straight, No Chaser post discusses a variety of conditions likely to be present in the summer. A previous post was a guide to avoiding summertime sports injuries.
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 15, 2019

Heat Awareness: Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Introduction Heat awareness is the topic of this Straight, No Chaser post. With climate change in full effect, “hotter than July” is becoming increasing less likely. Wh
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 1, 2019
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