The COVID-19 Endgame You Want to Avoid


This Straight, No Chaser asks you to think about the COVID-19 endgame.

Remember the notion that COVID-19 will disappear with the warm weather? It’s a pretty embarrassing misapplication of logic and another illustration that correlation is not causation. The virus lives inside of us, and you’ll recall that our temperatures approximate 98.6 degrees, right? This virus doesn’t live and die based on a temperature-based light switch that you turn on and off, so please stop it with that line of rationale.

What’s important and more appropriate to state is there is a respiratory season in which certain diseases (e.g. influenza and COVID-19) are more common. The baseline of these diseases resets during the non-respiratory season. They then reemerge in the fall, often with mutations and new strains having developed. This is not the same as a disease being eradicated by warm weather. Please appreciate the difference.

Reopening is Reexposing

The backdrop of the current situation with COVID-19 is certain parts of the country are “reopening” to at-risk behavior. Let’s be clear. What we’re doing is reexposing the population. We are not declaring victory or giving the “all-clear” sign here. Based on what we know, this reexposure will maintain COVID-19 in the population at a higher baseline than would have otherwise occurred with sufficient stay-at-home and social distancing efforts.

Here’s the problem. When the next respiratory season begins, the curve will be launching from a higher baseline. Ideally, the number of cases year to year would resemble a series of curves. Instead, we are placing ourselves at risk for propulsion from the equivalent of a higher rung of a ladder. As infectious diseases go, this would allow a more trampoline-like effect than a gradual ascent.

As if that’s not enough, the CDC is now suggesting that the next launch of COVID-19 will occur in tandem with the launch of influenza. In other words, the next respiratory season will see us battling both diseases from the beginning of respiratory season.

All of this is to say our willful disregard of the past efforts we’ve made to defeat COVID-19 are quite dangerous. We aren’t close to being done or successful. We see states like Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina rushing to reopen/reexpose outside of the federal COVID-19 Task Force’s recommendations. These choices will have consequences. Remember, there still is neither an effective vaccine nor an approved medical regimen. Just as was the case months ago, the future is predictable and foreseeable. What happens next is based on what we do now. Choose wisely, America. We really don’t want to do this again next year.

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