When Stay at Home is the Wrong Choice


This Straight No Chaser addresses when stay at home shouldn’t be governing your decisions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When Time is Tissue

Let’s not get mixed messages about “Stay at Home.” COVID-19 is all the rage, but other diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and asthma will still end up killing more of us this year than the novel Coronavirus. When we ask you to stay at home, none of that should be interpreted as staying away when you have concerns about what could be an acute life-threatening emergency.

It’s great that people are becoming comfortable using telehealth and telemedicine to get minor concerns addressed and to obtain information and advice. Continue to do so. However, there are diseases for which “time is tissue,” meaning delays in diagnosis and treatment will likely be devastating. Below are a few links to Straight, No Chaser posts that help you appreciate when your first action needs to be getting to the emergency room instead of getting on the phone on the computer. Stay safe.

Straight, No Chaser Links for Critical Disease Recognition

When to Visit and Not Visit the ER

Stroke Recognition

Heart Attack Recognition

Asthma Exacerbations

Suicide Risk Recognition

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