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Ten Recommendations to Get America Ready to Safely Reopen after COVID-19


This Straight, No Chaser offers ten recommendations to help us be ready to safely reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Question of the Day

I received a great question via social media. Here it is. “What would you do today going forward? What is past is over, we can hopefully learn from it, but we can’t undo what has occurred, so if you were President, what would you do now?”


The short answer: if you want to safely reopen, start from scratch. We still have to get our arms around the pandemic. It’s all about the fundamentals in anticipation of when we can reopen.

1. Start with enacting the Defense Productive Act and get masks, gloves and sanitizers for an entire damn nation. This would bring manufacturing and jobs back to America.

2. Nationalize a 21-day stay at home dictate.

3. Use the National Guard in large cities to enforce the stay at home dictate. Just say no to gyms and nail salons (love you when it’s safe, though!)

4. Use a stimulus to fully compensate individuals and businesses below a certain income level every month until recovery.

5. Test everyone with the risk factors translating into disproportionate deaths (which isn’t the same as “everyone”)

Here’s Five More

6. Use contact tracing and further quarantine these individuals as dictated by symptoms (in the absence of testing).

7. Incentivize America business to win the race for a vaccine and effective treatment.

8. Use this as an opportunity to decouple health insurance from employers.

9. Open up enrollment for the Affordable Care Act for everyone losing their job.

10. Expand hospital capacity in urban areas and ensure both rural and urban hospitals have sufficient ventilator supply. Do you think this sounds better than the alternative? If these were implemented by now, we’d have been well on our way to safely reopen.

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