(Relatively) Safe Church Reopening Strategies



This Straight, No Chaser addresses how you can access safe church reopening strategies.

Between Sterling Initiatives and SI Medical Supply, we’re providing consulting and services for several houses of worship in anticipation of the time at which in-person services resume. Given the differences in each state and, in fact, each location, it is frankly irresponsible to offer a blanket set of recommendations as to how churches and other houses of worship should prepare beyond recommending adherence to CDC guidelines for reopening.

However, I’m always inclined to point out that it’s not just knowing what to do that creates success. Implementing best practices is what creates outcomes of interest. As such, Sterling Initiatives is offering the first fifty (50) houses of worship that reach out to us free consultation toward lowering the risks of Covid-19 infection. As time permits, we’ll do this through the end of the month. Are you or your house of worship is interested in discussing these steps? Reach out to us at 844-724-7754. You can also reach us at sterling@sterlinginitiatives.com.

Scope of Services

We’ll discuss some of the following, at no cost to you:

  • Making opening decisions
  • Review of risks and best practices
  • Facility preparedness
  • Communication strategies
  • Worship capacity
  • PPE needs
  • Medical preparedness
  • Risk mitigation

We’re here for you. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. Embracing safe church reopening strategies is a must. You don’t want to face the alternative.

#KnowledgeIsHealth #HealthSelfEmpowerment

Need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Are you a first responder? Does your job make you one of the first exposed? Courtesy of SI Medical Supply, you have an option to provide masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and no-touch thermometers for your family and loved ones. Importantly, getting these product does not deplete the supply needed by first responders and medical personnel. Orders are now being filled (without shipping delays!) for masks at www.jeffreysterlingmd.com or 844-724-7754. Other items are preorders with an expected delivery date of May 8th. Get yours now. Supplies are limited.

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