CDC Revision of Advice on COVID-19 Transmission from Touching Surfaces


This post addresses COVID-19 transmission from touching surfaces. Today’s advice to you is not to confuse the reporting of science with information. Huh? The screaming headline of the day is an important piece of scientific nuance. Covid-19 is less likely than thought (and just unlikely to be spread) via contact with surfaces. However…

Simple Take Home Messages about COVID-19 Transmission from Touching Surfaces

Now what are you supposed to do with this information? Unfortunately, low-information users will ignore the nuance and declare “America is reopen. It’s back to business as usual.” That would be an incorrect use of the information. Here are the appropriate take home points.

  1. The disease’s primary method of transmission remains via respiratory droplets delivered from another individual within close proximity. This most likely occurs from sneezing, coughing or other means of expelling droplets (singing, yawning, kissing, etc.).
  2. Contact transmission does still pose a significant risk. If you touch a surface containing the live virus and then place your unclean hands in your mouth, nose or especially your eyes, you can become infected.
  3. Embrace your new habits of cleanliness. Perhaps you don’t have to be obsessive about it, but hand washing use of sanitizers and disinfectant wipes should be part of your new normal. Just not necessarily on your lettuce.

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