Coping with COVID-19


How are you coping with COVID-19? This disease has produced and is producing more cases in the U.S. than any other country in the world. Therefore, it’s time to appreciate that we all can and in some way likely will be touched by it. Sadly, for some that means dying from the disease. For others, that means contracting the disease and recovering. Perhaps, we’ll watch someone we love become ill, not knowing if or that we were the cause of transmitting it. For others, our employment may be terminated or our relationships will be strained. For others still, we watch and wait.

Are You Coping?

However, for all of us, there is a measure of uncertainly. Every day, we have to either choose to socially isolate or not. We have to actually pay attention to when and how to wash and touch our faces. We have to be measured in how we show greetings and affection. Did you ever imagine the day would come that we’d question whether or not hand shaking was still appropriate? Can you imagine the anguish in needing to adjust the way we conduct funeral services?

Whether or not you’ve realized it yet, everything has changed – including us. However, the issue of how we come out of this pandemic is not yet the issue. How we cope with the stress and uncertainty currently before us is something we each should take a moment to reflect upon.

Tools for Coping with COVID-19

Let’s refer you to these two Straight, No Chaser posts that address stress management and how to develop a stress management plan.

Things To Do!

Now let’s acknowledge that the stress we’re enduring is a different kind and level of mental trauma than most of us have previously had to endure. Please consider the following suggestions about keeping focused and even productive during this time.


COVID-19 has consumed our lives. Give yourself a break from news and social media engagement around the topic. It’s stressful!


We are social creatures. If used correctly, social media can be quite the uplift. Engage in a virtual happy hour, class reunion, dance party or book club. Phone a friend. Often.


Yes, binge watching those television shows and movies you’ve always wanted to catch up on are options. Engage them! However, take advantage of this time to meditate, get in shape, learn a new language or develop a new hobby. I hear some of you have taken to sewing face masks!

Take Care of You and Yours

Make sure you’re getting sleep. Find things that make you smile. Learn to appreciate your time away. Create your own home vacation world. Get creative! And don’t forget about the kids!

Medical Information and Advice

Your health is a big source of stress right now. You should take comfort in knowing that nurse advice lines, telehealth and telemedicine are a phone call away. These vehicles can and should be your first steps in addressing any developing health concerns (assuming that your primary physician can’t be reached of course).

Whatever your level of stress, you’ll do better by not facing it alone, literally and figuratively. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stay active and engaged so the stress created by coping with COVID-19 is left behind.

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