Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Risk of Acquiring COVID-19


It’s time for health self-empowerment in the fight to lower your risk of acquiring COVID-19. Here are ten specific recommendations to give you and yours the best chance to get through these next few months. Adjust your lifestyle.

Do These!

  • If you have a medical concern, call your physician or any accessible nurse line, telehealth or telemedicine outlet.
  • If you have moderate to severe medical symptoms, find your local urgent care or emergency room. Newsflash: call around first to see how busy the ER is. There actually are quite a few small community hospitals around that aren’t as busy as you’d think.
  • If you leave the house, put on a mask. Any mask. Any covering.
  • If you are going to be in contact with anyone. Put on a mask. Any mask. Any covering. Stay away from anyone sick.
  • When you return to your house, wash your hands first thing.

Here are Five More!

  • If you are touching objects, sanitize them first and wash your hands after. If you are wearing gloves, replace them after you’ve contacted an object.
  • Do not touch your face without having washed your hands first.
  • Do not spew (cough, sneezing, yell, sing) outdoors or in the presence of anyone. Use your elbows. Do it while wearing a mask.
  • Find your inspiration and happiness wherever you can without violating the other considerations. Your mental health matters. Keep living your lives as best you can. Just be smart.
  • Focus on your overall health. Eat healthy. Stay active. Keep your immune system strong. The healthier you are, the better your body’s defenses will be.

We started by saying take steps to avoid catching the disease. We amended that to say act as if you have the disease and don’t want to spread it to others. You should now behave as if you are a part of a national lottery of death (yes, I know, but it’s true), and you don’t want to end up being mourned. Own your lives and your health.

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