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At Straight, No Chaser, our posts aim to inform and encourage you to manage your health. In doing so, we would do well to learn about early recognition, diagnosis and management of conditions that are beyond our control. In honor of Mothers Day, we welcome Dr. Sheri Prentiss to the blog. If you don’t know Dr. Prentiss, please take the time to do so. As a breast cancer survivor, Susan G. Komen 3-Day Spokesperson and upcoming Commencement Speaker at Northwestern University, she shares a message of hope and empowerment in the face of just one such health challenge. Thank you Dr. Prentiss for contributing to Straight, No Chaser!

When you think of the most powerful women you know, who comes to mind? Some of us think of political figures like Hilary Clinton. Perhaps you think of Oprah or Beyonce or other entertainers.
It’s easy to recognize “power” in celebrity or status in the newsworthy, but true power is something much more subtle and sublime. Webster’s Dictionary defines powerful as “having power, authority, influence.” According to this definition, being powerful has nothing to do with being a public figure, a multi-millionaire or a politician.
While the world certainly needs revolutionaries, entertainers and politicians, what it needs MORE are everyday women, not using their power to position themselves over others, to re-write history or to be rich and famous, but who are creating awesome lives for themselves and others, just like the women I meet on every 3-Day event!
power 3-day 2
The world is in desperate need of women who channel their power into touching hearts with their authenticity, stirring emotions with their self-expression, and impacting their worlds with their “regular” lives. In doing these things, we DO change the world, we WILL re-write history, we will be remembered as women who knew and exercised their power.
power woman
What are the secrets of power-full living? How can you invite more power into your life? It’s easier than you think:
1. A powerful woman exercises her authority. This doesn’t this mean you go around bossing people around, but it does mean you stand up for your values, refuse to be a door-mat, take full responsibility for your life, reject the victim role, refuse to settle for less than you deserve in life and love and use your power to speak your mind.
2. A powerful woman spots her leaks and patches them right away. We all have an incredible capacity for power. Think of this capacity as a gas tank, power being the fuel that moves you. When you have a leak—even the tiniest pin-hole—you lose your power. Where in your life do you lose power? What people, activities, obligations or thought processes drain you of your power? When you find them, “patch” them by making whatever changes are necessary.
power women
3. A powerful woman surrounds herself with other powerful women. Truth is, you won’t always feel strong and in control. Troubles, fears, and real-life problems have a way of draining our power. Women who are connected to other women can share their power. When one friend is low on power, another can siphon some of hers to share. When you’re driving on E and putter out on the side of life’s highway, a caring friend can pick you up and bring you to the nearest re-fueling station.
power exercise
4. A powerful woman re-fuels regularly. Like fuel, power gets spent the more you move. The more you exercise your power, the more necessary it is to re-fuel. A powerful woman does this by connecting with inspiration on a regular basis, by expressing her creativity, by reading good books, by praying, meditating or exercising. There are a million different ways you can re-power. Pick what appeals to your heart and do it.
5. A powerful woman shares her power. It seems to go against what we think of as powerful, doesn’t it? The good news is, sharing your power doesn’t diminish yours. You can share your power perhaps by mentoring a teenage girl or by raising your kids to be strong and independent or by putting your arm around someone who’s sad and empty. There are countless ways you can share your power, and, unlike those dreadful fuel-leak energy-drains, this one actually works in reverse. When you share your power, the world becomes a little brighter, a little more beautiful, and YOU become even more power-filled.power wings
So my questions to you today are these: “Where is your point of power? What energizes you? Where do you lose power? How do you re-fill your tank? How can you share your power?”
Today, consider your amazing capacity for a power-full life … and start living it. Today, share my motto with me: L.I.V.E Everyday!TMLove myself and others…Inspire those around me…Voice my dreams and ambitions…Enjoy life.
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