Straight, No Chaser: Focus on Health, Happiness, Choices and Consequences

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It’s launch week for Behind the Curtain: A Peek at Life from within the ER, and thanks to the many of you that have already purchased the book, read it and provided wonderful feedback. It’s important to place the purpose of the book in context. The effort our team makes and the work we do is simply and entirely to provide a service and to promote healthy habits, awareness about health and medicine, and to advocate for public health issues that will create healthier communities.

New LogoIf you follow Straight, No Chaser regularly, you’ve heard this before: it isn’t a medical encyclopedia. Similarly, Behind the Curtain is much more than a collection of amazing stories about the human experience. These productions are tools to empower you to make choices that best suit your lifestyle and cautionary tales about the consequences of our poorer choices. Still, as educated consumers you get to incorporate this information into your life the way you see fit – into your personal intersection of health and happiness.

It is indeed interesting that our society doesn’t value health as it once did. Health seemingly must now be weighed alongside other life concerns. I hope yet fear that this has partially become the case because of the mindset that medicine has evolved such that you can be figuratively pulled from the fire when illness finally catches up with your habits or that there is now a “pill for everything.” Sometimes that is true. Other times you mourn when that isn’t the case.


After more than 20 years as a physician, I still am fascinated at the health trade-offs people make for their pleasure – or “quality of life.” That’s fine. Just realize that these are choices you’re making willingly, even if they seem more like unconscious decisions than not.

As our team travels around the country, we hope to see you out and to have meaningful conversations about your individual circumstances, the challenges of your communities and the solutions that can be shared and implemented. We hope that as you read Behind the Curtain, you not only enjoy the entertainment but notice the difference healthy habits make and notice the devastating consequences that occur from a lifetime of bad choices. Behind the Curtain is meant to be a mirror to the way we live our lives. Take from it what you will.

On Straight, No Chaser, we will continue to offer you tools be be your best self. Thanks to the more than 35,000 followers we have across various platforms for allowing us to play a role in your lives. Today, we leave you with this commonly cited part of the “health and happiness” equation:


Now remember this part:



Choose wisely. Live healthily. See you tomorrow, LA!

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