From the Health Library of “Is there really a way to eat what you want and still lose weight?”

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In all honesty, if you are staying within the daily calorie intake range, then yes, it’s possible. That said, foods that are bad for weight loss cause your blood sugar levels to rise and drop quickly, making you hungry. Of course, if you are craving more food, you are going to take in excessive calories and gain weight. That’s why eating nutritious foods will help you lose the weight and keep it off.
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0 thoughts on “From the Health Library of “Is there really a way to eat what you want and still lose weight?”

  1. I help people lose weight everyday. It’s not uncommon to see people (especially older women) who are eating relatively few calories but still struggle with being overweight. The problem is they eat rarely and when they do, it’s the nutritional equivalent of 1000 calories of french fries. The composition, combination and timing of the foods consumed are vital to the impact the total calorie count will have on weight loss. When you give your body the opportunity to burn fat efficiently on a chemically balanced diet, you’ll have tons of energy, lose weight, and won’t want any of the foods that weigh you down!

    1. Hi, dajeter! Well stated. Be reminded that both sides of the equation, intake (diet) and output (exercise) must be optimized and work in concert for best results. Thanks for your comment and for following Straight, No Chaser!