Eliminating Alcohol from the Body


This Straight, No Chaser post is about eliminating alcohol from the body.

vomiting and eliminating alcohol

We get questions from you all the time. In preparation for New Year’s Eve, here’s an example: “How can I eliminate alcohol from the body quicker if I get drunk?”

It’s a frequent misconception that there are a ton of remedies you can take to help you eliminate alcohol quicker or get less drunk. Alcohol is eliminated by a process called zero-order kinetics. In other words, alcohol is eliminated from the body at fixed amount per hour. Nothing you do is going to make you less intoxicated (referral to the legal definition of how much you have in your system). This includes coating your stomach, eating (including a cheese tray) or drinking coffee.

This being said, being less dehydrated does help the blood alcohol concentration. Also, drinking coffee or another stimulant can counter the depressant effects of alcohol and may make you feel more alert. However, my best advice for you is to sleep it off. Of course, if you’re intoxicated to the point that you need medical attention, doing so should be your immediate action.

Bonus question: “Does vomiting help?”

Vomiting is only of value in eliminating alcohol that hasn’t yet been absorbed into the bloodstream. Once alcohol is in your system, it is eliminated as discussed.

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