Straight, No Chaser In the News: Again with the Gun Violence?

Why are we being willfully ignorant? This public health conversation is not about the right to bear arms. It’s about failure to address a major cause of death. Injury from trauma is the number one cause of death in the United States between ages 1-44, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s right, if you’re going to have a premature death, various forms of trauma are more likely to be the cause than a heart attack, stroke, cancer, infection or poisoning.

Among these causes of death, the biggest causes are motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) and homicides/suicides from firearms. Now if you thought about it, you’d realize that preventive measures are everywhere for almost every major cause of death – except firearms. Can you imagine us being as passive with prevention of breast cancer or MVCs are we are with guns? Furthermore, look at how we contort ourselves to address every component of suicide prevention except the fact that guns are the most commonly used method to commit suicide – in fact, it’s twice as frequently used as the next most common cause. Now think of how different the conversation would be if firearms were managed in the same manner that your ability to drive a car is – just as is related to safety considerations.

The right to bear arms should be equated with the right to be stupid. Are we so mentally deranged that we’ve normalized the means for our death as the nation’s highest priority, for which every other consideration of our national existence must accommodate? Why exactly is this such a sacred cow? What is America so alone among the rest of the world in assigning such value to the immediate availability and personal possession of agents of death?
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