Snowed in? Yes!!

Relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. After your lazy morning stretch,


try out that new fat reducing breakfast recipe.


Then, get into position for a long overdue cozy-up with a good book.


So that you don’t feel guilty for your complete inactivity all day, spend a little time cleaning up. Check for dust bunnies,

dust bunnies

move furniture,

moving furniture

don your snow boots to shovel the walk,

snow boots

and then, for goodness sakes, sit down for minute. You’ve earned it.

have a seat

Ok, you’ve done enough for you. Time to do something for humanity! Raise that hand. Volunteer for that good cause.


Who knew you could get so much done in one day at home.

Time for bed. Say your prayers and hit the sack. Head back to work tomorrow.


Wait, before you turn in, don’t forget to call your buddy. It’s been so long since you’ve chatted. For more healthy snow day tips, call 844-SMA-TALK (844-762-8255), or login at We are prepared, 24/7, to give you the immediate and personal advice and information.

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