Snow can improve your health

Trick your family (and yourself). Stock up on foods that increase your health outcomes and let the junk food run out just in time for inclement weather. (Groundhog said it’s not over.) Take advantage of being snowed in and cook rather than swinging by a fast food joint … and pass on ordering in. On average, cooking at home is much healthier than eating out. Use this time to retrain those taste buds. It might not take as long as you think, and the benefits will stretch across your lifetime.
Note that your kids may also need a bit of adjustment. Try a new vegetable. They might surprise you by liking roasted or grilled brussell sprouts (those cute little cabbages) or stewed (not fried) okra. Chop up fruit for snacks. Put out nuts in a bowl. Hide or toss the sugary snacks and desserts, and find healthy substitutes.
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