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Death is a part of life. The more sensibly both are handled, the better off you, your loved ones and society will be in the short and the long term. Challenges in handling death and dying exist whether death is expected or dramatic and untimely. One of the main purposes of this blog is to help you live and die well, empowered and knowledgeable about how to handle various situations when death comes to you.

In the news this week was the culmination of the difficult eight-week struggle between authorities, hospitals officials, laws, statutes, judges and family members, all making decisions about a young pregnant woman’s life—or in this case death. In Fort Worth, Texas, family members of the apparently brain-dead, 33 year-old Mrs. Marlise Muñoz rallied for her to rest in peace as was her stated but not documented wish. The hospital sought to enforce a Texas law aimed to protect her 22-week pregnancy though medically unviable and discovered to be abnormal.

Finally through court order, the wishes of the young woman were granted. The hospital removed her from life supports.

Imagine the horror endured by the family each day of those eight weeks. Imagine having daily visits with your loved one, now functionally a corpse, not allowed the dignity to rest in peace. How prepared are you and your family to address a similar situation if tragedy strikes today and the same questions swirl around your comatose or vegetative body? Have you thought about how you want the powers that be to proceed? Have you written it down? Have you legalized the document? Have you designated a power of attorney/trusted friend and given him or her a copy of the advance directive? Have you informed your family of your wishes?

Even though you read all of the Straight, No Chaser blogs, on occasion you need help. We offer you 844-SMA-TALK and so you are able to regularly and emergently contact your Personal Healthcare Consultant and diligently work toward your health goals.

You might leave sooner than planned. Sometimes in the emergency room we do see miracles, but more often we see the end of life. What we don’t want for you and your loved ones is stress on top of grief or a lifetime of memories about the horrific, extended death of a loved one. Take a look at this post for more details. Make it easier on yourself and your family … and authorities. Don’t delay.

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