Straight, No Chaser: Quick Tips for the Diabetic in Your Life

DM foot ulcer

Per your requests, we occasionally feature quick tips for healthy living. Here’s an important example.

If you have diabetics in your life, here are three things they should do everyday.

1) Check their feet. Diabetics have decreased sensation in their extremities. It is very typical for them to step on nails, glass, or otherwise cause injuries that go unnoticed, because they don’t have sufficient sensitivity. Next thing you know, they have an infection and then a foot ulcer, and that’s a common path to amputated toes or the entire foot.
2) Keep soft candy or juice at all times. If they ever experience mental status changes, feed them. Altered mental status can be due to high or low blood sugars. If you treat a high sugar level with more sugar, it’s not a big deal, relatively speaking; if you treat a blood sugar level that was zero, you just saved a life.
3) Have them touch the water with their hands before they shower or bathe. The hands of diabetics remain sensitive to pain longer than the feet, so touching with the hands first helps avoid injuries. The decreased sensitivity of the feet leads to burns, which leads to infections, which leads to amputations.
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