Straight, No Chaser: Staying Alive – A New, Ridiculously Simple Approach to CPR

Hopefully, this video is the hokiest thing I’ll ever post, but modern understanding of CPR is such that every single one of you should know exactly how to respond in the event someone collapses near you. Simply put, this is how you save lives. I would think every one who reads this would do well to forward or post this message within your networks.
In case the video doesn’t launch for you, here’s your two steps.
1) Have someone call 911.
2) Interlock your hands and fingers (one on top of the other), and use them to apply compressions to the center of the affected person’s chest, right between the nipples. Push fast and hard; and yes, the correct rate (200 reps/minute) can be approximated by pump to the beat of The BeeGee’s hit ‘Staying Alive’. Forgive me, but this is important enough to go there.
You may have noticed the deemphasis of rescue breathing. That makes this process even easier. Combine this with my past comments regarding an AED (automated external defibrillator – click here for details), and you are really giving someone the best opportunity to have a successful outcome.
Don’t worry, in a future post, I’ll address how to get that song out of your head.