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Straight, No Chaser: Breast Cancer Treatment Options

The last post in this series on breast cancer is on management. Of course, there is no universal treatment of ‘breast cancer’; everything is based on the specific type
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 13, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: Signs, Symptoms and Prognosis of Breast Cancer

So, after all we’ve discussed this week, this is what it comes down to: the one in eight lifetime risk has landed at your doorstep. What happens next is very important. The a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 12, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: This is How You Self-Assess For Breast Cancer, Part 1

When I started this point, my first thought was “Why reinvent the wheel? There is a massive amount of information available on the web about breast cancer.” However, as
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 11, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: The Reach of Breast Cancer and Your Risk Factors

Even as a physician, I am left to think about the horror of being a woman with a lifetime risk of acquiring breast cancer that’s 1 in 8. The only thing I can think of off-han
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 10, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: (El)even More Myths Regarding Breast Cancer

Continuing from the earlier post with additional myths, well because you have so many questions!  In fact, I’m doubling up on what you received earlier in Part I of Breast C
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 9, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: Five Myths Surrounding Breast Cancer

Before I get into the details of what you need to know about breast cancer, it’s important to clear the table of some of the persistent myths and fears that exist. The diseas
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 9, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer disturbs me deeply, and if it doesn’t affect you as well, you haven’t been paying attention. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in th
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD October 8, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: Blood Clots in Your Legs – Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)

When patients talk about blood clots, they’re describing a blockage of a blood vessel somewhere in the body, usually the lower extremities (legs and thighs), the lungs (pulmo
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 18, 2013

Cigar Smoking: Facts and Fiction

It’s the latest, greatest, coolest past-time.  Endorsed and practiced by celebrities the world over, cigar smoking has clearly and successfully marketed itself as a convenie
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 7, 2013
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