Your Personal COVID-19 Reopening Checklist


We are making choices. I asked people on my Facebook page if they would take a vaccine if approved and available this December. 89% said they would not. I asked if people would take hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 prophylaxis. 99% said they would not. I asked if people would go back to work (not including remote work capabilities). 75% said they would not. Still, America is also in an economic crisis. Like it or not (and survive it or not), America is reopening. If you have the wherewithal to wait until an acceptable vaccine and treatment regimen is available with which you’re comfortable, or if you’re willing to survive on unemployment benefits, your decision is made. However, if you are inclined to roll the dice within a vaccine or effective treatment, you’d better be trying to optimize every other means of protecting yourselves.

Your Personal COVID-19 Reopening Checklist

Let’s consider this your simple personal COVID-19 reopening checklist as to how you reengage once you choose to.

  1. How’s your hygiene? Have you learning to habitually sanitize and/or hand wash before and after touching objects that could be capable of transmitting COVID-19?
  2. How’s your social distancing protocols? If you’re a hugger or hand shaker, you have to curtail those activities, or you become part of the problem.
  3. Are you isolating? This isn’t an all or nothing proposition. Every individual interaction represents a risk. Keep up social distancing in your essential activities but maintain isolation (stay at home) whenever possible.
  4. How’s your ability to access personal protective equipment (PPE)? Have you noticed that when it comes to the public, few options still exist to get you what you need?
  5. What’s happening within your work environment? You are not powerless in this. You don’t have to accept an at-risk environment. Spoiler alert: apply disinfectants to everything!

What are you going to? Whatever your choice, be smart. Your choices have consequences and will affect others. Stay safe.

Need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

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