Straight, No Chaser: In the News – Testosterone Therapy Doubles the Risk of Heart Attacks


If you’re a regular reader of Straight, No Chaser, you’ll recall recent discussions of low testosterone and male menopause (which often includes low testosterone levels as a component of the syndrome). More importantly, you may recall our Straight, No Chaser post that discussed managing low testosterone without receiving testosterone therapy. Well as it seems, you may want to read that post again if you’re suffering from low testosterone (hypogonadism).

In the news is a new study out of the University of California-Los Angeles, which notes two particularly disturbing findings about treatment of low testosterone:

  • The rate of developing a heart attack is nearly tripled in men less than 65 years old with a history of heart disease.
  • The rate of developing a heart attack doubled in men older than 65 years old with or without a history of heart disease.

The study, which was published in the journal PLOS One (Public Library of Science), followed a study with similar findings published in November 2013 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
If you’re one of those individuals that view medicines as “magic in a bottle,” or if you’re someone so impressed by those commercials that you take testosterone just for an “extra boost,” this serves as another reminder that health has no shortcuts. Medications have risks, and health has benefits.
Alternatively, if you have serious health concerns consistent with low testosterone or male menopause (andropause), please discuss your concerns with your physician. You certainly can discuss your concerns with your Sterling Medical Advice expert consultant at or at 844-SMA-TALK. We’ll keep you informed of risks and benefits of medicines as well as how to appropriately address your medical concerns with and sometimes without medications. Your personal healthcare consultants are standing by.
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