Straight, No Chaser: Your Rebuttals and Questions about Insomnia

You are certainly an entertaining group behind the scenes. Here are some of your questions on insomnia. Be reminded that should you want to leave me a private question, just go to the Home Page, or type into your browser. Here’s five questions from this morning’s post on insomnia.
1. Aw, hell! You’re telling me I can be dying from something causing insomnia?

  • It’s way more likely that level of stress you’re displaying is keeping you awake at night.

2. How is it that sex makes you sleepy?

  • When you do exert yourself vigorously, the greater utilization of muscles will deplete glycogen (energy) stores and make you drowsy. Also, it’s well established that certain hormones (e.g. prolactin, GABA and oxytocin) that promote sleep are released after an orgasm.

3. You mentioned tea. A good cup of tea at bedtime helps me sleep.

  • If that works for you, go for it. Some people have paradoxical effects to stimulants (In fact, stimulants are the most common treatment for ADHD – a topic for another day.)

4. What about giving my baby Benadryl?
I’m giving information here, not practicing medicine, so that’s a question for your physician. I will say there are many drugs (most notably those in the anticholingeric class) that have drowsiness as a side effect, and many emergency departments will give Benadryl to adults for that purpose. That said, these medications are not primarily used for drowsiness, and you’ll have to deal with other drug effects (such as the intended purpose for the medication) in addition to any possible drowsiness that occurs.
5. Sex at night keeps me wide awake.
That’s why a lot of you are shy about putting comments in the inbox… Sorry, but the answer to that question was not meant for public consumption.
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