Straight, No Chaser: The Week In Review, Oct. 13, 2013

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I want to take a moment to thank my readers for support Straight, No Chaser and to inform you of a few new developments. The launch of occurs on Nov. 1st, 2013; you can actually head there now for a sneak peek. Straight, No Chaser was and is designed to provide a taste of what will be available within, which will also feature a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) databank with thousands of pre-answered questions, as well as personalized, immediate, always available interactions with healthcare professionals on your urgent and non-urgent questions. Additional content is currently available on Google+ and Facebook at, and on Twitter @asksterlingmd.

Now to the week in review.

On Monday, we discussed angioedema, a condition often presenting with severe swelling of the lips, tongue and throat. This is to be considered a life-threatening emergency prompting immediate medical attention. The risk of the tongue occluding your airway, resulting in an ability to breathe is real.
On Tuesday, we began a series on breast cancer. The first post introduced Breast Cancer Awareness Month and called for more universal awareness.
On Wednesday, we presented two posts (check here and here) listing various myths regarding breast cancer. I’m encouraged that so many of you are aware that men can develop breast cancer as well as women.
On Thursday, we focused on demographic information and discussed risk factors relating to breast cancer. It’s not just being an older women that places you at risk. You can control certain things, such as alcohol intake and obesity.
On Friday, we began the self-empowerment process, giving you tools to self-assess for breast cancer and providing detailed instructions on how to perform the breast self-exam.
On Saturday, we discussed the actual signs, symptoms and long-term prognosis for breast cancer. There are more symptoms to worry about than just lumps. Also remember: the evidence is very clear that your survival rates directly relate to early detection and evaluation.
On Sunday, we discussed breast cancer treatment options. Although breast cancer is scary and deadly in many cases, be encouraged that nearly 3 million survivors are with us in the U.S.
In the next few weeks, we will continue to blog as well as provide additional information from the FAQ database and still more information about the new service. Thanks for supporting Straight, No Chaser, and be sure to check us out on the social media sites as well.
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