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Straight, No Chaser – The Week In Review

I hope this was another week of good health for you.  Let’s review how Straight, No Chaser tried to contribute to your health and wellness.  Don’t forget to click on any of the underlined topics for links to the original posts.
On Sunday, we reviewed eye emergencies.  Don’t forget that even transient vision loss could be a stroke in progress, and certain causes of vision loss have a limited window of time in which treatment must occur.  Act quickly!  By the way, I didn’t mention this information that occurs more commonly than you’d think: If you ever have eye discharge so copious that it seems like you’re tearing pus, this is probably gonorrhea.  Get it treated, lest you could lose an eye.  Now that I have your attention…
On Monday, we reviewed syncope (aka fainting) in two parts, talking about the entity (click here) and the life-threatening conditions associated with faints.  You’re way too cavalier with faints; please get them evaluated.  Faints can either be the result of significant disease or can secondarily produce significant head and neck injuries from the falls.  Stop going to the bathroom (with all the hard stuff in there) when you’re feeling dizzy.  That’s not a good place to black out!
On Tuesday, we discussed suicide and depression in-depth, reviewing demographic information, information for your self-assessment, and tips on how to recognize when help is needed (and how you can avoid depression).  I’m pleased that you’ve made these topics the most read topics yet, and I sincerely hope this information helps some of you.
On Wednesday, we reviewed the overuse of the emergency room, which will become a major theme of this blog.  Those creature comfort visits are 8 times more expensive than the same visits done at a primary care physician’s office.  In Texas, the average ER cost is $1020.  Just because you’re not necessarily paying up front doesn’t mean the hospital won’t ensure you’ll pay eventually.  Remember, hospital bills are the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S.  Straight, No Chaser was created to point you toward better options.  Stick around, and we’ll get you there.  Wednesday also brought a review of vomiting and diarrhea (viral gastroenteritis).  Learn about oral rehydration therapy.  Viral gastroenteritis is a good example of something that feels really… bad but is usually self-limited and will go away on its own, as long as you stay hydrated.
On Thursday, we reviewed end of life decision-making.  I know this struck home for a lot of you, bringing back not so fond memories.  That said, you must begin to think about how you want to be treated in your last days.  There are many tragedies during this time that tear families apart.  Use the tools discussed on the post on living wills, power of attorney designations and DNR considerations to make sure your interests are the only consideration being addressed when the time comes.
On Friday, we seemed to prick a nerve or two (no pun intended) discussing circumcision.  If nothing else, be an educated consumer.  Even now, considerations are perhaps best summed up by the posture of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which declines to recommend routine circumcisions for all newborns but notes that if you are inclined to get the procedure (which should be a big if), the benefits outweigh the risks.  Friday afternoon, we reviewed hearing loss and the damage the activities of daily living produce.  This is a pretty good example of how we take our health for granted.  Just a little bit of protection and prevention over the first 40 years of your life will make a big difference later on.
Saturday, we discussed two different types of sounds that come out of you.  First, we discussed snoring (which is always annoying but never boring) and gave you some Quick Tips to overcome it.  We also discussed hiccups, which everyone gets at some point, but no one ever wants.  We also gave you Quick Tips on hiccup cures here.  Remember those ABCDEs!
We continue to listen to your comments and feedback, and over the next few months, some major changes will be occurring.  Please continue to forward your topic requests.  I promise I’ll get to them all eventually.  Maybe I’ll start doing reader submission posts.  As we continue to grow, your support, referrals and follows are much appreciated.  Have a happy and healthy week.
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