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Eating Disorders Awareness and Screening Week


It’s Eating Disorders Awareness and Screening Week. We want you to take just a few moments and think about the possibility that someone you care for could be affected.

It’s simple.

There is a basic fact that demands your attention.

eating disorders prevalence and mortality

Consider Getting Screened

Here is a sample of the types of questions you may receive during a screening. If you see a trend in your answers to these questions, contact your physician. You can take a sample screening test here.

  • How much more or less do you feel you worry about your weight and body shape than other people your age?
  • How afraid are you of gaining 3 pounds?
  • When was the last time you went on a diet?
  • Compared to other things in your life, how important is your weight to you?
  • Do you ever feel fat?
  • In the past 3 months, how many times have you had a sense of loss of control AND you also ate what most people would regard as an unusually large amount of food at one time, defined as definitely more than most people would eat under similar circumstances ?
  • In the past 3 months, how many times have you done any of the following as a means to control your weight and shape:
  • Made yourself throw up?
  • Used diuretics or laxatives?
  • Exercised excessively?
  • Fasted?
  • Do you consume a small amount of food (i.e., less than 1200 calories/day) on a regular basis to influence your shape or weight?
  • Are you currently in treatment for an eating disorder?
  • Do you avoid certain or many foods because of such features as texture, consistency, temperature, or smell, or have other people suggested this may be the case for you?
  • Do you avoid certain or many foods because of fear of experiencing negative consequences like choking or vomiting, or have other people suggested this may be the case for you?
  • Have you experienced significant weight loss (or are at a low weight for your age and height) but are not overly concerned with the size and shape of your body?
  • Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by thoughts that you would be better off dead, or of hurting yourself in some way?
  • Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?

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