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Straight, No Chaser: Dementia – When Brain Health Goes Bad

In case you didn’t pick up on it, the posts regarding brain health served two purposes. The first is to ensure you give yourself the best opportunity to live a healthy, happy men
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD August 14, 2015

Straight, No Chaser: Men's Health Week, Fathers Day and Health

This year, Fathers’ Day falls right at the tail end of Men’s Health Week. Take a moment to think through the variety of concerns of our fathers. Many of our fathers are of adva
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 18, 2015

Straight, No Chaser: Fall Prevention

We’ve missed the first day of Fall by a few days, but for all of you DIYers (do it yourself) ready for a weekend project to help a loved one, here you go. The beginning of Fa
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 28, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Prostate Cancer Screening

Every so often, controversies regarding medical treatment recommendations get in the news and seemingly only serve to confuse the public. Every blog, article or research paper is a
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD September 21, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Fathers' Day and Health

Even though Fathers’ Day falls right in the middle of Men’s Health Month… Today I won’t bore you with the details of caring for the elderly, even though most of the fat
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 15, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Amnesia and Severe Memory Loss

In a previous post, we discussed forgetfulness and mild memory loss. We’ve also discussed Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If you noticed and remember (no pun intended), we di
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 2, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: In The News – Beating Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

  It’s important to stay abreast of innovations in medical care. Scientists are constantly looking to push the frontier of human capabilities and lifespan. Straight, No Chaser h
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD April 10, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: The Treatment of Arthritis

The thing about treating arthritis is you’d better do it. If you’re not lucky enough to have a form that readily responds to treatment or if you didn’t get early treatment, y
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 28, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: The Inevitable Disease (Assuming You Live Long Enough)

  Actually, humans have a few different “inevitable” diseases, but today we’re discussing arthritis, specifically degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis). For this conve
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 28, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: Do medications work differently in older people?

The elderly are living longer and more productively. Part of being able to do so is by maintaining an understanding of how your actions  affect you. One common action of many of t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 7, 2013
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