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Straight, No Chaser: Early and Delayed Puberty

The onset of puberty is an anxious enough time without it being complicated by being early or late. You may be familiar with the changes related to puberty, but you also should kno
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD July 12, 2014

You Sensitivity

I actually think I can now tell the difference in whether the food I’m eating is healthy or toxic. –JES After living in your body for several years, you can know what your
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 27, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Prevention and Treatment of Food Allergies

Whether or not you personally have a food allergy, it is likely you will find yourself in a situation with someone who does. Food allergies affect approximately 15 million American
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 27, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Questions About Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

Are you the type that has a bad memory? Is your memory good when you “want it to be?” Do you just have problems paying attention? Are you concerned about elderly family
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD June 1, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: What Do You Know About Your Drinking Water?

  If I asked you what public health innovation was responsible for saving the most lives over the last century, you likely might think that antibiotics or perhaps immunizations wo
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD April 9, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Moving Toward a Vegetarian Diet

Ok… I’m glad to have finally come across a diet option that has struck a nerve. The post on principles of vegetarianism has raised a lot of questions, and I’ll take this spac
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 28, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Vegetarian Diets – An Introduction to and Simple Understanding of Them

  What a month! We’ve discussed many aspects of nutritious, healthy eating. One principle that has been consistent throughout is diets that include generous amounts of fruits an
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 27, 2014

Straight No Chaser: Gluten, Wheat and Celiac Disease

One of the reasons I enjoy writing this blog is it brings me closer to understanding you. As you respond to posts or query me, I get to better appreciate the breadth of your conce
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 26, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Healthy Eating Tips

If you want to eat healthy, you really must learn about and try to eat in accordance with the Healthy Eating Plate. It doesn’t get more complicated that that, and you shouldn’t
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 25, 2014

Dun da da DUUUN!

Our superhero OrgMan wants the citizens of the world to remember what all this nutrition talk is about: We’re doing all we can nutritionally to makes our organs thank us. A
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 11, 2014

Go Bananas!

Sometimes our lifestyles knock our systems out of whack. When we need an adjustment, healthy food can help. Every now and then and especially when you’re on the run, a good b
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 10, 2014

Health Comes First!

  We live in a culture where we use food to celebrate, to sooth our anxieties and hurts, to entertain, etc. However, while we’re in National Nutrition Month, let’s
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 9, 2014

Kids' Nutrition

Joyfully is how we should introduce nutrition to our children. New parents have the best opportunity to change the world’s health system by reducing unnecessary sickness from
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 8, 2014

Do You Believe?

We’re all convinced that drinking a gallon of booze will alter something or other in our bodies. We believe that doing daily deep breathing exercises in front of an old bus&
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 7, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Childhood Obesity

You may have heard March is National Nutrition Month… Amazingly, approximately one of every three children between the ages of five to 11 is either overweight or obese. I
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD March 7, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Go Eat Rocks? Discussing Pica

What the what? Pica is a pattern of eating non-food materials. This pattern must be present for at least a month to make the diagnosis. Pica is not a single incidence of a foreign
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD February 3, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Diet and Nutrition Tips

  If you’re serious about keeping your New Year’s resolutions, so are we. Today, we move from explaining how to eat (as we did here), to giving you practical steps and choices
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 8, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: Do You Even Know How to Eat Healthy?

We’re still in New Year’s resolutions mode! Yesterday we introduced you to why you exercise, and later we’ll teach you how. Today’s post is about your diet.
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD January 4, 2014

Straight, No Chaser: "…Stop Wasting Money on Vitamins and Mineral Supplements."

If any of you are familiar with the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory on CBS, you may recall this scene from one of the first episodes featuring the genius, physicist and would-be Nob
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 18, 2013

Straight, No Chaser: The Risks and Benefits of Coffee

Today, I come to praise coffee, not to bury it—and I don’t even drink it. Here’s the point: Coffee is a reasonably healthy beverage choice. The problem with coffee appears to
By Jeffrey Sterling, MD December 16, 2013
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