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A Deep Dive into Ivermectin – Seven Straight, No Chaser Questions and Answers

1. What is ivermectin? How is it currently used? In humans, ivermectin is an anti-parasitic medication. Although it’s often called an anti-worming medication, microscopic parasit
By Jeffrey Styerling MD September 13, 2021

Comment From A Vaccinated Person: Give Me Some Advice!

Here are four tips for your consideration. 1. Wear a mask. If you thought you got the vaccine to protect others, that’s not exactly true. You got vaccinated to prevent yourself f
By Jeffrey Styerling MD September 9, 2021

When We Might See A Kids’ COVID Vaccine And What To Do Until Then

It’s always important to point out the other components of combatting COVID-19. Kudos to the Chicago Teachers Union for standing for full adherence to CDC guidelines if child
By Jeffrey Styerling MD August 19, 2021