We’re Helping Those In Need. You Can Too.


At Straight, No Chaser, we’re into helping those in need. As we’ve discussed, certain communities are especially disadvantaged when it comes to having access to equipment that defends against COVID-19.

Our efforts are not simply to make a buck here. Your support of our efforts to place masks in the hands of the public has additional benefits. Your purchase allows us to contribute to communities that can’t afford or otherwise can’t access masks. Also, there’s no worries about the masks we’re offering. These are the masks the CDC recommends for the public. These masks defend the amount of exposure (viral load) typically seen by the general public.

Please leave the N95 masks for medical personnel because the shortage is real. We don’t need those on the front lines exposed. When physicians, nurses, first responders and other essential workers are interacting with so many others, if they are infected, they can spread the disease much quickly. Let’s not have further shortages be the reason for that happening.

Help us help others. We’re all in this together. If you represent a community that needs access to masks, feel free to contact us.

Need Masks?

The CDC now recommends everyone wear masks. Courtesy of SI Medical Supply, you have an option to provide 3-layer facial masks for your family and loved ones. You can now obtain a pack of 15 for $35, including shipping and handling. These are the recommended masks. Importantly, getting this product does not deplete the supply needed by first responders and medical personnel. Order are now at www.jeffreysterlingmd.com or 844-724-7754. Get yours now. Supplies are limited.

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