Stress Management is Health Self-Empowerment!


Doesn’t it seem logical that if you want to be fully empowered you need adequate coping and stress-management skills? This is the fourth of the Straight, No Chaser self-empowerment series. Today, we’re giving you the tools to be aware of and combat your levels of stress.

Key Considerations in Stress Management

stress management - stress and performance

The way our bodies treat stress is not dissimilar to the use of a cattle prod (and we don’t endorse animal abuse!). A bit of it stimulates and optimizes performance. On the other hand, too much of it becomes counterproductive and debilitating. Therefore, you inevitably will have to deal with certain factors shown to either enhance or moderate your physical and emotional stress, based on how you handle them. These include your attitude, dietary habits, level of physical activity, methods relaxation and availability of support systems. Here’s a full post on these considerations.

Developing a Stress Management Plan

stress management

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with stress. However, if you invest the time, you will find how having an actual plan that reminds you of your best actions toward reducing stress helps! Here’s another post that works it out with you in detail. Remember, stress management saves lives! Mastering it is equivalent to being empowered and promoting living your best life.

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