Health Self-Empowerment: 2020 Vision!


Straight, No Chaser is committed to health self-empowerment. In this new year, we’re going to help you have 2020 vision. Over the next ten weeks, we will systematically offer you an approach to becoming an active consumer of health. Simply put, gone are the days when you can afford (literally and figuratively) to leave 100% of your care in the hands of your medical team.

Health Self-Empowerment Series

Consider this series health self-empowerment. Here are the various topics we’ll discuss, all of which focus on health prevention. Let this be the year you move past sick care and googling.

  • 1/13: The best ways to access health care (hint: it’s not the emergency room)
  • 1/20: Health screening recommendations
  • 1/27: Cost effective self-care
  • 2/3: Stress and mental health management
  • 2/10: Ten Questions to Ask Your Physician
  • 2/17: Think healthy eating first, then diet
  • 2/24: Think activity first, then exercise
  • 3/2: Weight control
  • 3/9: Avoiding accidents
  • 3/16: Avoiding toxins
  • 3/23: Putting it all together

You’ll notice that during this time, we are setting aside conversations about sick care and diseases. You should already know that there are over 2000 blog topics within Straight, No Chaser here at You can find whatever you need in that regard by simply typing it in the search bar in the upper right corner. In the meantime, take control. After all, it is your life.

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