Increase Your Productivity With The 72 Hours Life

Whether it’s in your personal life, at your job, or as a parent, each of us is looking for ways to be more productive. We all have the same 24 hours in the day to fit in all of the things we need to do, but there never seems to be enough time also to do the things we want to do. What if that doesn’t have to be the case? What could you accomplish with 72 hours in your day?

Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, MD, is the author of this remarkable book filled with accessible tips and tricks for maximizing your time. There Are 72 Hours In A Day isn’t just full of positive affirmations. It is packed full of real, clear, actionable steps that can help you be the most organized and efficient version of yourself, giving you the extra hours in your day to focus on your greatest priorities.

You can continue making your endless to-do lists, but are they helping you to reach your peak productivity levels? Or how about all of that caffeine that keeps you going? Is that transforming your life? The 72 Hours Life will teach you to be more strategic, to focus on a single task at a time, to help you form new habits to improve your efficiency and focus, as well as how to control your ambitions so you aren’t feeling overwhelmed each day.

Achieve greater success in work, finance, personal relationships, health, and more with the practical advice found inside the pages of There Are 72 Hours In A Day. Order yours today.