Straight, No Chaser In The News: A Significant Advance in Alzheimer's Research

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It isn’t an overstatement to note the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s is the white whale of medical researchers. Alzheimer’s currently affects approximately 5.3 million Americans, the population is aging, and it’s been over a decade since a new medication for dementia has been released onto the market. We have reported previous advancements in medical research (see below), and in the news is another major discovery, courtesy of researchers at the University of Southampton in England.

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The bottom line: the presence of products of inflammation in the brain and immune cells known as microglia are not a result of Alzheimer but appear to be causal agents. In other words, the presence of inflammation seems to accelerate brain damage and progression toward Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, researchers have demonstrated that giving substances that reduce the proliferation of microglia slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, while reducing memory loss and behavioral problems (albeit in laboratory animals).
How can you use this information? It’s premature to say, but it is safe to say that engaging in brain-healthy activity (see below) that reduce inflammation is undoubtedly in your best interest.

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