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And now a word from our sponsor! Straight, No Chaser is one of several platforms meant to provide you with information and advice that empowers you to control your health and live a better life. Behind the Curtain, A Peek at Life from within the ER is a more vivid collection of real world illustrations of the positive and negative consequences of your choices. We guarantee you entertainment and education, not just on health but life itself.
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behind_the_curtainBy Jeffrey E. Sterling
Brown Books Publishing Group, $18.95, 184 pages, Format: Trade

5 Stars (5 / 5)
Dr. Jeffrey Sterling has worked over 20 years as an emergency room physician, and seen everything from cockroaches in the ears – multiple times – to a man with a potato stuck up his behind. He has learned how to keep calm and appear unruffled, in both life threatening situations and cases so hilarious laughter seems the only possible response. In Behind the Curtain, Sterling takes the reader with him through some of his most memorable and definitive cases over the years and the patients they involved.

“Don’t worry; my patient is doing OK. I think he passed out when he first saw the needle.”

Though the book starts out with a few short chapters of explanations of treatment methods and Sterling’s own bugaboo –smoking – it then eases into over 50 mini-chapters of his experiences. Sterling’s sense of humor is dry and incisive providing both chuckles and full on belly laughs, often just at the title of the chapter itself, such as the chapter titled “Why Do You Have Gonorrhea in Your Eye?” The author is careful to explain any medical jargon in laymen’s terms so that the reader also learns something in the process. Though perfect for any audience, this book is especially well suited to those who love to read but don’t have much time. The short chapters are enjoyable quick reads and the writing is top-notch. In Behind the Curtain, Dr. Sterling easily proves that he is at the top of his game as a writer as well as a doctor.
Reviewed by Stacy Shaw
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