“I Don’t Want to Goooo!”


“I don’t want to go to see the doctor! She might give me a shot!!”

Remember that sentiment from when you were little? Well, I have good news and … other news.

The good news is that when you contact us at SterlingMedicalAdvice.com or 844-SMA-TALK, we will not, positively not, give you a shot. Promise.

More good news: You may find out–through one of the SIX easy ways we share information and advice–that you don’t need to go to the doctor after all. You can get the core of your concerns addressed immediately.

Even more good news: You will have saved yourself a bundle in co-pays, deductibles, facilities fees, transportation, wasted time, etc., just by checking in with your personal healthcare consultant.

The … other news is that we might advise you to see a doctor, and he might give you a shot.

Best news: If you take your shot like a champ, you can probably arrange for a cool bandage and a sucker (sugarless, I hope)!

bandage and sucker

Call 844-SMA-TALK (844-762-8255), or login at  www.sterlingmedicaladvice.com. We are prepared, 24/7, to give you the immediate and personalized advice and information.

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