ER as Quick Fix: I Get It!


Knowing there’s an ER nearby creates peace of mind. You can get immediate and effective care when something goes terribly wrong. So it makes sense that you’d run over just in case something has gone terribly wrong—early detection being key to battling certain illnesses.
HOWEVER, every headache isn’t cancer; every stomach ache isn’t a ruptured appendix. Some symptoms don’t require any treatment at all. Yes, sometimes it is better to be safe than sorry, but popping over to the ER to visit and chat with a physician is very expensive and time consuming.
That’s why we’ve developed We’d like to provide you that same level of comfort, using the same experts you’d see in the ER or doctor’s office—for a fraction of the cost and with no waiting.
Avoid unnecessary doctor/ER visits. Register at or call 844-SMA-TALK. Then SHARE us with your friends and family, please. Thank you.
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