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In the last 20+ years of caring for patients in emergency rooms (ERs) in communities all over the country, and in 12 years of healthcare consulting in 36 states and countries, my team and I have had the unique privilege of serving all age groups, genders, and health conditions, from sprains to strains, moans and groans, sniffles and whistles, trauma and the flu.

However, in the ER setting, well over half of the people we see every single day would say they could have saved themselves the trip and the cost “…if I only knew.” Straight, No Chaser has given me the privilege to talk with you in a relaxed environment about urgent and non-urgent issues that concern you. It has been fun for me, especially because you have responded in a way that lets me know that my goal of empowering you with knowledge to make your own healthcare and financial decisions for you and your family is being realized. Because this works for your health and your wallet, I have expanded the service from Straight, No Chaser to Not only will you have access to thousands of tips, fun facts, and frequently asked questions about the full spectrum of health topics, you will also have access to your own personal healthcare consulting team. That’s right, you can chat 24/7 with experts in medicine as well as fitness, dentistry, nutrition, mental health, pharmacy, and other healthcare entities.

So, when the time comes that you need to make an informed decision for yourself and/or your family member, we’re here for you. If this turns out as we desire, this service will become part of the national healthcare system and may be covered by your current insurance interests or as an employee benefit. Beginning today, November 1 at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, join me and hundreds of other healthcare experts who have signed up to turn the tide in our country by putting the power of your health back in your hands and saving you the time and costs of unnecessary visits to the emergency room and pharmacy. A subscription counts as payment toward your deductible (if you have insurance) and equates to less than a third of what Americans pay out-of-pocket EVERY YEAR for ER and doctor visits. Try us, and discover the difference having a team at your fingertips will make in your health. We at are looking forward to keeping the knowledge flowing,

Jeffrey Sterling, MD
President and CEO
Your Personal and Immediate 24-Hour HealthCare Consultants

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