Straight, No Chaser: A Quick Tip for When You're Feeling Bugged…

Quite a few of you had the same question after Friday’s post on objects in the ears, nose and throat:
What about insects that get in the ear, particularly when you are asleep? It’s pretty horrifying to think of some cockroach or other disgusting thing scratching around that close to your brain! What you don’t want to do is something that will irritate the critter to the point of puncturing your eardrum. Beyond freaking out, your next step should be pretty simple.
At home, consider doing what we do. If you have mineral oil, put a few drops in the ear. It’s the quickest and safest way to kill what’s in there. However, don’t delay coming to the local ER, urgent care facility or your doctor’s office. Any damage caused still needs to be evaluated.
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