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Insurance covers most of the costs of the care you need when you need it. However, did you forget that insurance comes with co-pays and deductibles?

  • Before receiving any insurance benefit, patients pay $1,500 in deductibles on average. The year’s deductible alone is 2½ times the cost of a year’s subscription to SMA.
  • Emergency room (ER) and urgent care facility co-pays average between $50–$150. Patients have an additional responsibility for about 30% of the total cost of the bill (the average ER bill comes to about $1,200/visit; your share comes to about $400). So you’re still paying approximately $500/ER visit, even if you have insurance – and that’s after you’ve exhausted your deductible! Even one ER visit with insurance is more expensive than a year’s subscription to SMA.

One of the main purposes of www.SterlingMedicalAdvice.com is to save you multiple ER visits over the course of a year.
SMA works inside your insurance (included as part of your deductible, for example) to reduce additional yearly expenses. Try us, and experience the difference!
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