Straight, No Chaser: The Week in Review

Another information packed week is in the bag.  Thanks for all the comments and suggestions for posts.  I’ll try to get to them as the schedule allows.  In the meantime, be sure to use the information I’m giving you.  I’m not just doing this for fun!  On to the week…
On Sunday, we began the week with a review of MRSA, a variant of the bacteria Staph Aureus, made into a ‘superbug’ by resistance to many traditionally used penicillin-class antibiotics.  We only talked about the skin infections (believe me, it gets much worse), but those are very important as a portal of entry to the rest of your body.  Pay attention to the tips given to stay clear of it.
On Monday, we began a ‘Life Over 40’ series by reviewing changes in the aging skin.  Remember to hydrate, moisturize and limit naked exposure to the damaging effects of the sun.  We also looked at folliculitis, another skin infection caused by Staph and often attributed to shaving and hot tubs.  You’ll think of me the next time a hotel wants you to reuse a towel.
On Tuesday, we looked at changes to your muscles and tendons as you age.  I didn’t mean to scare anyone, but it did appear that I sent some of you to the gym!  Get a personal trainer, and don’t hurt yourself.  We also taught some readers a new word: vaginismus.  This serious, painful and very treatable condition is a cause of much damage and destruction to relationships.  Think Kegels, and get help.
On Wednesday, we looked at changes to your genital system as you age.  The good news is good overall health leads to continued good sexual health as you age.  Even with your hormones seemingly working against you, there’s no reason for you not to stay sexually active as long as you desire.  We also started a series on erectile dysfunction, driving home the same points.  Keep that blood flowing throughout your body, and a lot of good things will happen.
On Thursday, we looked at changes to your heart and lungs as you age.  This really is a great topic with good news for you.  Remember that your heart and lungs will last a lot longer than you typically allow them to if you avoid the toxins that affect you.  We also reviewed the various disease entities that can cause erectile dysfunction.  The common thread is bad health that affects your blood flow will diminish your ability to stay sexually active.
On Friday, we addressed the ways your brain is affected by aging.  Let this serve as a warning to you.  The physical, mental and social effects of brain damage are devastating and epitomizes the stigma of aging.  This is to be forestalled as best you can for as long as you can.  We also gave a look at the treatment options for erectile dysfunction.  Did you know anything about injections, suppositories and pumps?  Did you recognize Smiling Bob?
On Saturday, we gave you a best practices tool many physicians use to determine the need for treatment of strep throat.  Although you may try this at home, as always, if you have concerns, ask your physician what should be done.  The week came full circle with a discussion about inappropriate antibiotic use.  We truly underestimate the body’s ability to cure most illness and too often rush for a solution in a pill.  We’d be better off saving that option for when we really need it, as that gives the highest probability that antibiotics will remain effective.
Thanks as always for your readership and support.  Your feedback and comments are much appreciated.
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