Straight, No Chaser: Why is Life so Traumatic? (aka Human Shark Week!)



If there were a human equivalent to shark week, it would be TRAUMA WEEK!  That’s right.  Trauma has all the drama, excitement and tragedy as shark bites and often makes about as much sense as exposing yourself to a shark.

Trauma is the #1 cause of death between ages 1 and 44.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trauma accounts for more deaths during the majority of life than all other causes combined, checking in at just over 50%.  Traumatic causes of injury are so common and avoidable that it’s worth looking at the top entities separately.  This week we will do just, informing you of where the danger lies and offer simple tips to keep you alive.

So buckle up (literally).  We’ll get into motor vehicle collisions, brain injuries, domestic abuse, suicides and homicides, drownings and other home/recreational injuries.  Trauma. Unfortunately, it’s for everyone.

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